The purpose of the establishment of TURKKAZ Petrol Finans Real Estate Textile Domestic and Foreign Trade Limited Company is primarily to export, import and carry out all kinds of commercial activities between Kazakhstan and Turkey and between Turkey and all countries of the world.

For this purpose, primarily the purchase and sale of Petroleum and Petroleum products and the construction and trade of refine, oil fields and pipelines.

Other activities; Construction and financing of all kinds of infrastructure projects in and out of Turkey, Airports, Ports, Dwellings, Roads, Railways, Mining, Health, Tourism and Energy, Construction projects, State guaranteed projects, Textile and food exports and imports, Financial Advisory Services can be considered as consulting and agency activities related to all these matters.

The general manager of TURKKAZ Limited has a total of 40 years of business experience. Especially; Between 1999 and 2010, he worked as foreign trade authorized director in various companies that trade international crude oil and petroleum products. Then he managed real estate projects as general manager of a large construction company in Turkey

Besides, he has also been active in international financing, foreign trade, export and import matters, and has also worked as an instructor in foreign trade, banking, insurance and financing in universities.

Although the company was founded a year ago yet; Thanks to the experience of foreign trade knowledge acquired over many years in relation to the operational aspects of the company's manager, It is one of the most important goals is to protect the interests of the society and the countries and growing them among the internationally known companies

General Manager